All That Hoopla returns for Getoxphoto from 2nd June 2022.

image All that Hoopla is an endeavour to decentralise the dynamics of conservative and hierarchical art market structures. It also highlights the variables of chance, luck, loss, fluke, risk and the vagaries of fortune, all of which are the central themes of Strand’s ongoing practice.

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Artist Residency With The Royal Academy of Art Antwerp

image “Music creates a cybernetic circularity as it nourishes the body with vibrations while awaking the mind. Music illuminates the inner darkness of our black boxes. When listening to music, we feel that the separation between man and world disappears; we transcend our skin and our skin transcends us” (1)

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My London

image“Between 1886 and 1903 booth surveyed the life and labour of the people in London, moving from street to street and interviewing the residents. The Booth study resulted in, amongst other things, colour-coded maps of London ranging from yellow to black, with blues, pinks and reds in-between.”

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