Discrete Channel with Noise exhibiting in Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid.

PhotoEspana 2019 curated by Susan Bright.

The latest work by the British artist Clare Strand, The Discrete Channel with Noise, is a complex body of work is a complex body of work that is difficult to categorize. The artist examines what happens when information is misread, misunderstood or reinterpreted. In this case, this loss of information occurs when transmitting information from one medium –photography–, into another, painting.

For this project, Clare worked together with her husband Gordon MacDonald, even though they were physically separated. MacDonald chose 10 images from a group of 36 tabloid photographs from Strands archive. Communicating by phone, the pictures were reproduced by filling in a grid of numbers which connected the pictures.

Research items and tools of process are presented to highlight the physicality of the making and the importance of materiality. Human intervention is vital when considering how photography can communicate or miscommunicate information.