Negatives… for Fun with Clare Strand’s Photography (published by Multipress, 2019)

Delpire, Paris.

Nov 2021

Negatives… for Fun with Clare Strand’s Photography continues Strand’s ongoing engagement with the circulation and distribution of photography as an accessible medium, by making her own private photographs freely available to the reader in negative form; inviting a collaborative interpretation with the reader.

In making this invitation, Strand questions the standard protocol of art editioning, authorship, distribution and ownership. By releasing her negatives into an ungoverned collective space, the zine is intended to reference the casual distribution and permissions of personal images made commonplace by our everyday social media interactions.

On the walls of Delpire and Co. Strand, for the first time, presents her own experiments with the zine. In somewhat of an ironic twist, this new iteration of the work is editioned and signed by Strand. The audience now has the option to either acquire the zine and create their own interpretations, or to buy and own a Clare Strand editioned print. This new working of the project continues Strands consideration of the value systems within the art market, including the recent phenomena of the digital NFT where marketing is the art and the commodity is the content.

Negatives for Fun with Clare Strand’s Photography can be purchased in the gallery for 11 euros.

Other exhibiting artists include: Jonathan LLense, Jason Fulford, Estelle Hanania, Stéphanie Solinas, Clare Strand, Eric Tabuchi