THe Dead

The Dead by Val Williams & Greg Hobson (1995)

Catalogue for an touring exhibition starting at the NMPFT in Bradford, exploring how photographers deal with ideas of mortality and the taboos which surround picturing the dead. Includes work by Nobuyoshi Araki, Sue Fox, Kasimir Zgorecki, Franco Zecchin, Thomas Werde, Belinda Whiting, Rudolph Schafer, Leslie Hakim-Dowek, Krass Clement, Donigan Cumming, Hans Danuser, Louis Jammes, Max Jourdan, Pete Max Kandhola, Ann Mandelbaum, Bastienne Schmidt, Andres Serrano, John Benjamin Stone, Clare Strand, Annet van der Voort, Nick Waplington, Elizabeth Williams, Neil Winokur, and Xavier Zimbardo. Curated with essays by Val Williams and Greg Hobson; essays by Elizabeth Edwards and Thomas Lynch. It was cited by Mary Whitehouse as being 'sick and disturbing'.