• Kunst Stiftung DZ Bank Group collections group show.Photo-like images on the World Wide Web and on all the digital devices we already use today mean that “photography” is once again on everyone’s lips. The question is justified as to whether, in the case of digitally created images, one can still speak of drawing with light or whether we should rather speak of virtual images, i.e. images that simulate reality.

    Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili Viktoria Binschtok Miriam Böhm
    Katarina Dubovská Christiane Feser
    Philipp Goldbach Beate Gütschow Gottfried Jäger Isabelle Le Minh Peter Miller,Conrad Müller Johannes Raimann Timm Rautert Adrian Sauer Stefanie Seufert Clare Strand Sophie Thun, Ulay Valter Ventura Oriol Vilanova