Discrete Channel with Noise currently showing for PhotoEspana curated by Susan Bright. 05.06.19 - 01.09.19

The latest work from the British artist Clare Strand, The Discrete Channel with Noise, is a complex body of work that is difficult to categorize, in which the artist examines what happens when information is misread, misunderstood or reinterpreted. In this case, this loss of information occurs when transmitting the experiment to her work, in which one medium, photography, is transformed into another, painting. image

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Interview with Monocle 24

Photographer and artist Clare Strand’s work has been shown in locations ranging from the Museum of Modern Art in New York to the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Her latest project is a zine that offers the photographer’s own negatives to the public for them to create something entirely new themselves. listen to it here

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