Wednesday 1st May 2024 Interactions Ist May - 27th October

All that Hoopla showing in Interactions 2024, We once again invite you to spend the summer in the public outdoor and indoor spaces of the Bundeskunsthalle!. The new works of art also invite you to play, reflect, or linger. All the works have their own story to tell, which can be discovered through interaction, but they also deal with different “visual languages” as a universal form of communication that transcends borders.

Sunday 17th March 2024 From here. An inventory February 15 to June 15, 2024

Kunst Stiftung DZ Bank Group collections group show.Photo-like images on the World Wide Web and on all the digital devices we already use today mean that “photography” is once again on everyone’s lips. The question is justified as to whether, in the case of digitally created images, one can still speak of drawing with light or whether we should rather speak of virtual images, i.e. images that simulate reality.

Wednesday 31st January 2024 Size Matters: Scale in Photography.

KUNSTPALAST, Dusseldorf Group Show. .

Everything changes in an image when the zoom slider is adjusted: certain things are highlighted, detached from their context, exaggerated or reinterpreted. They move closer to us, allowing us to study them, or blur before our eyes.

Sunday 31st December 2023 AWARE: Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions

I am very happy to be entered into the AWARE Archive co-founded in 2014, directed by Camille Morineau, curator and art historian, specialising in women artists. Biography text by Orit Gat.

“The primary ambition of AWARE is to rewrite the history of art on an equal footing. Placing women on the same level as their male counterparts and making their works known is long overdue.”