Flatland/ Spaceland showing in A l'envers a l'endriot

Centre Photographique d’île de France, Paris

May- July 2014

Group show with. Juliana Borinski, Delphine Burtin, Pascal Convert, Marina Gadonneix, Mark Geffriaud, Agnès Geoffray, Isabelle Giovacchini, Nicolas Giraud, Isabelle Le Minh, Mathieu Mercier, Aurélien Mole, Constance Nouvel, Silvana Reggiardo, Clare Strand and Maxime Thieffine

This group exhibition explores the third dimension of the image, its face, its folds and hollows, real or symbolic; an offscreen still / already there, who could escape representation and containing information, potential or unexpected fictional plastics. The works collected are increasingly disrupting the fixity of view, the viewing posture, and offer to upset the order of things; nothing is fixed as a beat.

While in common usage, the photographs most often lead to a form of “cloud” (stored in the state of encrypted data in files, they rarely update beyond the perimeter of the screen) the artists invited by the CPIF considering photoprinting not as a mere surface but question the photographic image and its support as an object.

Several generations, these artists return, move the processes, procedures and attitudes allowed the production of images, and the jostle reception habits. Their research will enrich the reflexive approach on the medium, whereas in the field of theoretical research, the definitions of “the” photography evolve.