Wednesday 18th July 2018 SNAKE

Snake showing at Festival Vevey Images 8th- 30th Sept 2018

“O Snake you are an Argument for Poetry” Margaret Atwood.
For Snake, Clare Strand appropriates images found in press archives and private albums, representing women holding and commanding snakes. Seven of these have been used to create large abstract compositions on which the artist hand screenprints short poems; verses that she creates based on the captions of the original photographs via automatic online poetry generators. The artworks bare reference to activists protest placards, which Strand became interested in whilst participating in the women’s marches in London, for equality of rights (2017) .
Each image plays on antagonistic relationships between photography, which popularly favours an immediate reading of information, and poetry, which is assumed to require the reader to interpret it.
The Snake has historically been an ambivalent symbol, representing both good and evil, healing and death, wisdom and trickery, the phallus and the Medusa. In the exhibition, the spectator discovers these images while a machine repetitively generates random poems and outputs them as a long, snake-like streamer.